Course Prefix & Number:    AOT 255

Course Title:                          Senior Practicum


Class  Hours

Per week:  1

Lab Hours

Per Week:  6


Awarded:  3


Catalog  Description:


This course includes practical experience in an approved office setting as well as class meetings. Emphasis is placed on such topics as career planning, ethics, attitude, and other subjects which enhance employability skills.


Entry Level Skills:  Will vary based on job placement.


Pre-requisites:  Requires program coordinator approval.


Co-requisites:  None



Text(s)/Required Materials:


Business Skills Exercises 4e


The Gregg Reference Manual 10e



Course Competencies and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


1.      Satisfactorily perform work requirements and assignments.

2.      Learn and use new knowledge and skills.

3.      Practice problem-solving skills.

4.      Improve personal skills, such as communication and teamwork.

5.      Explore and refine career goals.



Major Course Topics:


1.      Teamwork and communication skills

2.      Interpersonal skills and work skills

3.      Corporate culture and workplace ethics

4.      Finance and general business skills

5.      Reference and research skills

6.      Resumes, job search, and career goals


Grade Calculation Method:


Assignments                                                                 50 percent

Work experience evaluation                                          50 percent

                                                                                    100 percent


Prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty

      Date written or revised: May 2008



Tri-County Technical College

Course Syllabus Approval Form


Course Prefix and Number: AOT 255


Course Title: Senior Practicum


Syllabus prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty


Date written or revised: May 2008


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