Course Prefix & Number:    AOT 222

Course Title:                          Advanced Medical Transcription


Class  Hours

Per week:  3

Lab Hours

Per Week:  0


Awarded:  3


Catalog  Description:


This course is designed to develop speed and accuracy in transcribing complex medical terms and documents from dictation.


Entry Level Skills:  Key at a minimum rate of 35 wam


Pre-requisites:  AOT 122-Medical Transcription I


Co-requisites:  None



Text(s)/Required Materials:


Forrest General Medical Center, Third Edition

Donna L. Conerly-Stewart and Wanda L. Lott


Storage media: USB flash drive


Course Competencies and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


1.      Apply knowledge of medical terminology, English grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules to the transcription of medical dictation from physicians with various ethnic backgrounds.

2.      Transcribe accurately dictation from 18 medical specialties.

3.      Accurately proofread and edit reports.

4.      Use appropriate reference materials efficiently for accurate completion of reports.


Major Course Topics:


 1.  Surgery

 2.  Cardiology

 3.  Diagnostic Imaging/Interventional Radiology

 4.  Pathology

 5.  Obstetrics/Gynecology

 6.  Orthopedics

 7   Gastroenterology

 8.  Respiratory/Pulmonary Medicine

 9.  Urology/Nephrology

 10.      Oncology

 11.      Hematology/Infectious Diseases

 12.      Neurology/Neurosurgery

 13.      Plastic Surgery

 14.      Pediatrics/Neonatology

 15.      Otorhinolaryngology

 16.      Ophthalmology

 17.      Psychiatry

 18.      Dentistry/Oral Surgery



Grade Calculation Method:


Assignments: Chapters 1-19

Production Tests




=          60 percent

=          40 percent

          100 percent



Prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty

     Date written or revised: June 2008



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Course Prefix and Number: AOT 222


Course Title: Advanced Medical Transcription


Syllabus prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty


Date written or revised: June 2008


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