Course Prefix & Number:    AOT 165

Course Title:                          Information Processing Software


Class  Hours

Per week:  3

Lab Hours

Per Week:  0


Awarded:  3


Catalog  Description:


This course includes applications of information processing software. Emphasis is placed on functions for acceptable document formatting and processing (MS Word).


Entry Level Skills:  None


Pre-requisites:  AOT 105-Keyboarding



Co-requisites:  None



Text(s)/Required Materials:


GO! with Microsoft Word 2007, Volume 1

Shelley Gaskin and Robert Ferrett


Storage media: USB flash drive


Course Competencies and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


1.      Manage applications and files using Microsoft Word 2007.

2.      Identify the concepts and define the terminology of Word 2007.

3.      Perform basic information processing applications such as creating, editing, copying, and printing documents.

4.      Perform intermediate information processing applications such as creating tables and formatting documents.


Major Course Topics:


1.      Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2007

2.      Formatting and Organizing Text

3.      Using Graphics and Tables

4.      Using Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

5.      Working with Templates, Styles, and Charts

6.      Creating Form Letters


Grade Calculation Method:



Project Tests



=          40 percent

=          60 percent

          100 percent



Prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty             Date written or revised: May 2008



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Course Prefix and Number: AOT 165


Course Title: Information Processing Software


Syllabus prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty


Date written or revised: May 2008


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