Course Prefix & Number:    AOT 105

Course Title:                          Keyboarding


Class  Hours

Per week:  3

Lab Hours

Per Week:  0


Awarded:  3


Catalog  Description:


This course focuses on the mastery of touch keyboarding and formatting principles using a computer.


Entry Level Skills:  None



Pre-requisites:  None



Co-requisites:  None



Text(s)/Required Materials:


Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing  (Lessons 1-60)

Home Version, Ober 10E 2007 Update


Storage media: USB flash drive


Course Competencies and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


1.      Develop touch control of the keyboard.

2.      Develop proper keyboarding techniques.

3.      Build speed and accuracy skills.

4.      Apply basic skills to the production of letters, tables, and reports.

5.      Keyboard at a minimum rate of 25 wam for 3 minutes.


Major Course Topics:


1.      Keyboarding: The Alphabet

2.      Keyboarding: The Numbers

3.      Keyboarding: The Symbols

4.      Creating E-Mail

5.      Creating Reports

6.      Creating Correspondence

7.      Creating Tables


Grade Calculation Method:



Timed Writings

Theory Tests

Production Test



=          40 percent

=          20 percent

=          10 percent

=          30 percent

          100 percent


Prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty             Date written or revised: June 2008



Tri-County Technical College

Course Syllabus Approval Form


Course Prefix and Number: AOT 105


Course Title: Keyboarding


Syllabus prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty


Date written or revised: June 2008


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