Course Prefix & Number:    AOT 101

Course Title:                          Introduction to Keyboarding


Class  Hours

Per week:  2

Lab Hours

Per Week:  0


Awarded:  2


Catalog  Description:


This is an introductory course in touch keyboarding.


Entry Level Skills:  None



Pre-requisites:  None



Co-requisites:  None



Text(s)/Required Materials:


Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing  (Lessons 1-60)

Home Version, Ober 10E 2007 Update


Storage media: USB flash drive


Course Competencies and Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


1.      Operate the keyboard efficiently.

2.      Keyboard sentences and paragraphs efficiently.

3.      Demonstrate the correct handling of flash drives.

4.      Identify the parts of a personal computer.


Major Course Topics:


1.      Keyboarding: The Alphabet

2.      Keyboarding: The Numbers

3.      Keyboarding: The Symbols


Grade Calculation Method:


Timed Writings

Theory Test




=          70 percent

=          30 percent

          100 percent


Prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty             Date written or revised: June 2008



Tri-County Technical College

Course Syllabus Approval Form



Course Prefix and Number: AOT 101



Course Title: Introduction to Keyboarding



Syllabus prepared by: Administrative Office Technology Faculty



Date written or revised: June 2008



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